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April 5, 2007


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*gasps* D8

Thu Apr 5, 2007, 1:26 AM
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: Suikoden - Suikoden 1
  • Reading: Aria - Kozue Amano
This is my header! xD

Commission info (closed)
My other account | Cafepress Shop

I have just opened DA, and I'm really surprised that I seem to get about 4k messages and 15 notes overnight O_o;;;

Then I realized it's because my flash
Poke Zexion by Leversa

Thank you for everyone who liked it, despite it's very simple :cries:
It's also surprises me that I got about new 200 watchers and 8k pview in a just night *_* and, according on some people, also got into the *legendary* front page X_x (since I didn't see it at the time I went to front page lol xD;; -shots- )

I really didn't expect that, since it's my first attemp on flash after a long time and it got *horrible* sound effect in my opinion ^^;

And I've experienced new thing, that I also got weird flaming comment 8D
Like "wtf? why do this got so many favorite?" or "this is so stupid.." or… xD;;;
I don't care about that kind of comment, so I'll just ignore it =p
I admit it, it's very simple, and got nothing but to poke Zexion, but hey, it's my own fault that I didn't mention that it's just for a time waster ><

Also! I got lots of comment that says that some ppl can't open it. I don't know what happened honestly, since it works on my computer ><
My only thought is you don't have flash, or it hasn't finished loaded (it's kinda big, about 800kb) so just wait patiently until it fully loaded ><
Or if it still cannot loaded, please note me about your e-mail and I'll send it to you via e-mail :D

Hmm..I've been thinking about making a website using flash, since I'm clueless about HTML, but you know me, I'm very lazy and slow >A< I'll try it, anyway xD;;;;

Edit: Looks like someone even makes parody of my Poke Zexy thinggy X__x;;
It's here…

la la la....
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kunero-kun Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
congratulations he's sooooo cute ^^
Ashurie Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
>,< I cant see it either
ViridisDraconis Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
awww!!! I cant get the Zexy Flash at all!!!! :creis: and i was so looking foward to it (pouting)
frozenfireandsoul Featured By Owner May 19, 2007
You think you can send me the Poke Zexion! thing? I can't open it at all! T.T Please? :worship:
chi-chai-monchan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007
lol i think you did great on the zexion flash! especially since you haven't made one in awhile! and hey, dont listen to flamers, there just jealous of your talent and popularity. :nod: :glomp: i love you sis/aunt!! >3< :heart:
PSmist Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2007
I loved that flash but was too depressed to actually try
Langiler Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AHHHHHH!!! SORRYYY!! im totally forgot about your note!!!!
Slashbunny-chan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
I think its kawaii! With a capital "k"!

Yea, I'm a sucker for flash... Wish I had some of your talent... Keep up the good work!
Kitsune-Tsuzuki Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007
You're so amazing! I loved your Zexion pokey funtime-ness! I am also a recent watcher of yours... :XD: Whoever wrote that comment is probably some jerk who wants attention. o.O I'd just ignore him until he comes up again.

Then I'd slap him in the face. :D (yes, across the internet because I'm magic!)
Lallikin Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007   Writer
That person who commented on it seemed a bit...angry... People can be nutters! XDD I just laughed at it. He's crazy.
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